Watch Ex-Moseley Teacher Roger Norfolk on TV driving Flying Scotsman

Thursday 29th December 2016

roger-norfolk-flying-scotAn ex member of Moseley School’s science dept, Roger Norfolk, is shown on page 231 of the Christmas Radio Times and was on BBC4 at 9pm on Thursday 29th December in “Flying Scotsman from the Footplate” actually driving the train.

Roger started in the Science/Physics dept at Moseley Modern in the 60s and was a star of many productions in and out of school and designed and ran the stage lighting for years.

He was always a steam railway fanatic and a volunteer driver at Severn Valley Railway. Indeed he encouraged pupils to join him to help restore old engines and on several occasions both myself (Roger Green) and a friend, Robert Perry who later became a guard with BR, joined him to help restore old engines - a process that included many hours getting covered in dirt and grease while scraping rust of chassis with the possible reward of a ride on a steam engine footplate later in the day.

When Roger Norfolk got fed up of the constant changes in education (in the 1980s I think) he left to join British Rail, becoming firstly a mainline train driver and later a trainer of train drivers. A highly successful second career. He moved down south but kept his links with Severn Valley and regularly came back to do his volunteer shift. He was/is a lovely man.

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If you have thought about organising a reunion for your form, class or year group then your association can help.

We know that many of you already meet up with old school friends at local pubs and restaurants and Facebook is full of details about the mini-reunions that many of you enjoy. The association has organsied a number of big reunions in the past, with many hundreds of people attending, but the trend now seems to be for smaller events and it occurs to us that the old school library and foyer would make an ideal venue for such gathering of 25 to 100 individuals. It would be up to you to invite people and arrange the event but the Moseleians committee are ready and willing to assist by arranging catering, bar facilities/licencing, perhaps some archive displays (you know old photos and stuff) as well as using our large database to help you contact people from your group.

If you want to know more then please contact Richard Cobb via our contact us page.

The Few

As our membership approaches the 500 member mark the association is in good health. However... as with many organisations it is run by a few. Sadly those few have recently been reduced to fewer by the passing of three of our active members.

The few urgently need ex-students to come forward and take a place on the committee otherwise the association is in real danger of folding.

No special qualifications or abilities are required other than:

  • Willingness to help
  • Desire to maintain contacts with others from the school
  • Help to recruit new members
  • Willingness to offer two hours every two or three months to attend our organising committee
  • Help out at occasional events

No wages or salary but good rewards for all volunteers!

For more details contact Richard Cobb

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