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To Be Demolished!
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Moseley School has survived the governments austerity cuts and is being rebuild as part of the governments 'Building Schools for the Future' (BSF) strategy. As you will be aware, Moseley School is split over two sites, The Lower College Road, east wing (formerly Moseley Modern School), and the higher Wake Green Road, west wing site (former Moseley Grammar School). During the 1990's the west wing was completely renovated however the remaining buildings have received little attention and so the spot light has fallen upon them.  Since the government announced its schools building programme a number of plans to renovate and improve the east wing have been discussed, including a new wing along side the main hall with a spectacular high glass antrium. The problem with this plan is not only the quality of the original Moseley Modern school building but that the school needs to function normally during the extensive building work and improvements to the east wing would still leave the school split over two sites, all be it with walk ways between the two.

Another problem with the College Road site is that it is built on very wet land. Springfield Road, at the far east boundary of the school is not named Springfield without good reason. In fact the whole building was constructed on a number of concrete rafts to give it a 'solid' foundation. The building proved to be more difficult and expensive to build that anyone anticipated with the result that the original builder ended up in bankruptcy. Over the years the building, especially the main hall, has suffered a number of floods, the worse being in the late 1970's when the offices ended up under water with many of the school records being lost.

Proposed Building Work for Moseley School

Proposed Building Work To Moseley School as at August 2009 (subject to amendment) 

A - Demolish 1950's East Wing
B - Totally remodeled and improved sports hall
C-  No Change - Fitness Suite
D - Improve all weather pitch
E - No Change to ARC
F-  Demolish 1950's canteen and teaching block
G - Redecorate and refit 1920's west wing extension
H - Maintain West Wing as required
I - Major remodel of 1960's science block

The plan is to clear the higher ground between the west and east wings (including the demolition of the 1950's canteen/arts block (F) and to build a completely new school in its place. The old Moseley Modern school (A) will be demolished with the sports hall (B), fitness centre (C) and 'all weather' field (D) being extensively remodeled to provide a modern, state of the art physical education department. The remaining land will be the main parking area with access from College Road. The current East Library which was built in the1970's is also likely to survive as a teaching block. The existing west wing will be adapted, as required, to improve the teaching areas bringing the school together, for the first time, into one manageable campus. In this plan all land will be retained by the school.

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New Chairman

Richard Cobb has been elected Chairman of the Moseleians Association and we wish him every success in his new role.

David Marks

A memorial mosaic which replaces a doorway left 'hanging' by recent building works and funded by the bequest of David Marks, who was a pupil at Moseley from 1948 to 1953, has been unveiled.


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Aealdra - A Book by Tony Steele

Former pupil Tony Steele has published a magical fantasy novel set in, and under, Moseley School, Moseley Bog and Sarehole Mill. more..


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Committee Meeting

The next Moseleians committee meeting is at 5.30pm on Tuesday 11th March 2014. Venue - Moseley School. Members wishing to attend should contact the secretary.

Grand Opening

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Mike Leddy, officially opened Moseley School's new wing on 30th June 2013.

Gazette Issue 36

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Moseleians Gazette

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4,000,000 Refurb

The ancient heart of the school, Spring Hill College, has benefitted greatly from almost 4 million pounds of refurbishment.

School Houses

The school has now reorganised into eight 'Houses', the names of which are based on the original eight Oxford colleges


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