The Archives

For over a decade a group of Moseleians have been collating and indexing a mass of documents and artefacts that have accumulated in one of the rooms in Moseley's iconic tower. They have endeavoured to catalogue and sort this information into a logical system and find additional information to help put the archive into context. Hundreds of photographs from the archive have now been digitized and made available on the website along with numerous other documents. This is a long slow process requiring many hours work.


As part of their labour they have also prepared books and displays to be used during events and the association has purchased several display cabinets which have been placed at various locations around the school campus. These modern glass cabinets are kept up to date with relevant displays by the Archive Group in order to help current students have a better understand of their shared history.

Gaye Key and Barry Phillips are members of the Archive Group.

The group also have a number of research projects on the go and formed links with other bodies connected with Moseley School and Spring Hill College including Mansfield College in Oxford whose forefathers built and paid for Spring Hill College. As a by-product of this research several booklets have been produced including a Visitors Guide to Spring Hill College and J.R.R. Tolkien and Spring Hill College.  The group have also been known to give talks and presentations to interested groups.


Whilst the contents of the archive remain safe in the tower, access is very limited and a new more easily accessible space in Moseley School is been sort in which the group can not only work but also display items on a more permanent basis making them available to a wider audience – alas space at Moseley School is currently at a premium so for the time being the archive remains in the tower.

Can You Help?

The archive group meet for a few hours most Tuesday afternoons, after school has finished for the day, and would welcome new members or anyone with some experience/expertise in the process of archiving. For more information please contact Richard Cobb who will be delighted to hear from you.