Dancing & Dragons

Students have been developing understanding of cultures from near and far.

They celebrated Shrove Tuesday by holding an enthusiastically attended Pancake Tasting in the canteen at break-time.

Mrs Dibba has been arranging a number of events celebrating the heritage of our students. She says:

“It is really important that we realise the origin of Shrove Tuesday as it can help us see the similarities between different faiths’ beliefs. Shrove Tuesday evolved as celebration before the start of Lent—a time of reflection and fasting.”

In assemblies this week we have been learning about Chinese New Year. Mr Gillow is fast becoming renowned for his ability to play a range of mythical beasts, from pantomime horses to Chinese Dragons.

Mrs Dibba’s team had spent many breaks and lunches crafting the dragon puppet that you can see in this picture. Its vigorous dancing in assembly was very impressive to watch. Three students were involved in creating this excellent endeavour: Amaan Chaudhary from Keble, Yuki Cheong from Pembroke and Worcester’s Jan Balaz. They had given up their time at lunchtime and after school to work on the project.

Mrs Dibba again…

”It was really good fun to work with students who have come from places as far away as Malaysia and the Czech Republic on this project. It shows how much respect our students have for others’cultures and what a good time can be had when we take an interest in the lives of others.”

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