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Young Moseleians

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What is a Moseleian?

A Moseleian is anyone who attended Moseley School as either a pupil or member of staff. Founded in 1995 The Moseleians Association aims to keep former pupils and staff in touch with each other and up to date with events at Moseley School.

One of the ways The Moseleians Association supports the current school is by funding, or part funding, projects which would otherwise never get off the ground. We have supported a number of art, music and drama projects, provided equipment for various departments, display cases and materials, vandal-proof benches and awards for student achievements.

We continue to maintain the archives and keep a watchful eye on the tree’s and landscaping around the campus. The Association and its individual Members have also provided substantial funding to School Projects including an activity play area, astronomical telescope for the Science Department and part funded a digital weather station for the Science and Geography Departments.

Below is a selection of projects Association has funded in recent years:

  • Part funding of a defibrillator for the school
  • Part funding of new posts for the reintroduction of rugby union football
  • Maurice Paramore award
  • Creation of a memorial garden
  • Continued funding of the Moseleians Association school archive.
  • Tree plantings around the school grounds to compensate for those which have recently been lost along *Wake Green Road due to the ravages of time and have spent time and money restoring the ‘Heads Garden’.
  • Planting for the alcove areas at the front of the west wing
  • Vandal-proof benches provided by the Association
  • Repair and restoration of a football trophy for the PE department
  • Tree planting (some of which has involved students e.g. the native species ‘copse’ near Attock pavilion) as well as planting near the old Arc building
  • Old Prints and Pictures/photos in the Head’s house
  • Stage curtains for the stage in the (now demolished) College Road building
  • Honours boards
  • Annual award to care of the buildings (cleaning and janitorial staff)
  • Clocks for West reception and Library
  • Display cases
  • Cooking range for school cottage
  • Mattresses for school cottage
  • Frames for ‘Moseley Achievers’ posters
  • Active Links with Mansfield College, Oxford
  • Researching and documenting the history of the buildings
  • Forming, maintaining and cataloguing the School Archive, which is part owned by the Association Members
  • Making the archives accessible online via this website
  • Attendance at other school events e.g. musical events
  • Practice cones for PE Department

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What’s happening at Moseley School…

Dancing & Dragons

Dancing-with-Dragons-Feb16We have been developing students’ understanding of cultures from near and far.

We have been developing students’ understanding of cultures from near and far. We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by holding an enthusiastically attended Pancake Tasting in the canteen at break-time. Mrs Dibba has been arranging a number of events celebrating the heritage of our students. She says:
“It is really important that we realise the origin of Shrove Tuesday as it can help us see the similarities between different faiths’ beliefs. Shrove Tuesday evolved as celebration before the start of Lent—a time of reflection and fasting.”
In assemblies this week we have been learning about Chinese New Year. Mr Gillow is fast becoming renowned for his ability to play a range of mythical beasts, from pantomime horses to Chinese Dragons. Mrs Dibba’s team had spent many breaks and lunches crafting the dragon puppet that you can see in this picture. Its vigorous dancing in assembly was very impressive to watch. Three students were involved in creating this excellent endeavour: Amaan Chaudhary from Keble, Yuki Cheong from Pembroke and Worcester’s Jan Balaz. They had given up their time at lunchtime and after school to work on the project. Mrs Dibba again…
”It was really good fun to work with students who have come from places as far away as Malaysia and the Czech Republic on this project. It shows how much respect our students have for others’cultures and what a good time can be had when we take an interest in the lives of others.”

What’s happening at Moseley School…

Shadow Leaders

Adrian-Ancuta-and-Liqah-Harim FEB2016Developing the character and conduct of our students is a integral part of our mission at Moseley. As previous e-letters have documented, we have an increasingly impactful team of student leaders. To ensure that this system is sustainable over the long-term, Heads of House were recently asked to nominate Key Stage 3 students that they felt could be the Head Boy and Head Girl of the future. A long list of the most suitable students from each House has been drawn up and we’re very proud to introduce you to the first two post holders: Worcester’s Adrian Ancuta (W7) and Hertford’s Liqah Harim (H4). Both these students have been working alongside the Head Boy and Head Girl and maintaining a presence around the site ensuring a high standard of conduct from their peers. They have demonstrated maturity and confidence at all times. In a recent survey of our community, respondents strongly agreed that student leaders were having a positive impact on the conduct of their peers. Liqah and Adrian both received their hi-vis duty jackets from the Head Boy and Head Girl in front of their forms and will be passing them onto the next two deserving candidates after half-term; students in Keble and Hertford will be the next in line for these roles. Well done to them both!

What’s happening at Moseley School…

Aisha Naz, Shahana Fazal and Valentina Ancuta School Ambasador Programme Jan16Introducing the School Nurse Ambassador Programme

Moseley School has recently been invited to take part in the NHS’ School Nurse Ambassador Programme. This programme has come about as a result of government research showing that young people have considerable enthusiasm for being more involved with health services that are aimed at them. Cathy Burke, our School Nurse, will operating weekly drop-in sessions on a Wednesday lunchtime and these are open to all students. Pictured here are Aisha Naz, Shahana Fazal and Valentina Ancuta who have been attending meetings led by the Head Boy, Atif Khan, that are deciding the strategic objectives of the project. Later this month, they will be attending a conference in the city centre at which they will work alongside students from other schools and health professionals to further develop the programme. Atif says: “I aim to study Medicine at university. Becoming a health professional is about so much more than the science: we need to be confident networkers, strategic thinkers and great in a team if we are to have the best outcomes for our clients. It’s great that my team of Year 8s and 9s have become so engaged with the programme and we look forward to publicising it to the whole school through assemblies over the next half term.”

What’s Happening at Moseley School…

Our Day Out

Our-Day-Out-JAN16 Following the success of last year’s award-winning Little Shop of Horrors, Moseley School's drama output is going from strength-to-strength with a production of Willy Russell’s Our Day Out. This 1977 musical tells the story of a group of Scouse students and their trip to Conwy Castle in Wales. The students love their regular teacher Mrs Kay. However, things take a turn for the worse when, at the last minute, the disciplinarian Deputy Headteacher, Mr Briggs, also joins the trip.
Mr France says: “The amount of work the team have put into this show is incredible. Mr Pullen and the cast have been working tirelessly since well before the Christmas holidays rehearsing every day at lunch and after school and over the course of several weekends. Mr Armitage has prepared the new theatre for its first production and he assures us that it's going to look fantastic.”
Year 7 are looking forward to their matinee performance tomorrow. Please come along and watch the production. It will be showing on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th January 2016. Tickets are £1.50 for students and £3 for adults. The show starts at 7pm. The photo above shows members of the cast and Mr Pullen in rehearsals Atif says: “I aim to study Medicine at university. Becoming a health professional is about so much more than the science: we need to be confident networkers, strategic thinkers and great in a team if we are to have the best outcomes for our clients. It’s great that my team of Year 8s and 9s have become so engaged with the programme and we look forward to publicising it to the whole school through assemblies over the next half term.”

What’s happening at Moseley School…

Student Leadership Conference

Studen leader Conference 23MAR16On 22nd March 2016, a select group of Moseley School student leaders attended the inaugural Student Leadership Conference at Swanshurst School. This was attended by the student leadership teams of several local schools and a whole host of leaders from local employers. The event was opened by Midlands Today’s Senior Arts and Culture Correspondent Satnam Rana who spoke to students on a wide range of issues about how to gain the experience one might need to gain a foothold in the media industry, to the importance of the media in a democracy and on the evolving role of women in the media. In her feedback Satnam was very enthusiastic about the maturity and levels of enthusiasm and curiosity shown by all the students she met. Students then interviewed local employers to find out more about how they applied the leadership skills we develop in school and at events like this in their everyday roles. There was then a marketing task in which students responded to a brief to create a professional piece of marketing material which could be distributed to parents and employers showcasing the event. Atif Khan, Moseley’s Head Boy, says: “I’d like to thank everyone from all the schools involved who organised this event—especially Mr Gillow for driving the bus and Mr Kyffin for documenting the event. I was especially pleased that Muneeb (the current Shadow Head Boy) was on the winning team.